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        Hi! My name is Shackerah and I am the founder of 21 Packaging. I am a third-year university student, completing my Bachelor's of Science degree in Economics and an entrepreneur.
       In 2020, my best friend wanted to launch an online clothing store. I immediately started doing research so that I could help her along her journey. I then realized that in my small country, Jamaica, there weren't many packaging companies. That gave me the idea to start my own packaging company.
       In November 2020, I tested the Jamaican market with a few products and the love I received was tremendous! This pushed me to continue providing trendy, new packaging to my customers! I was doing all this while attending online classes, due to the Coronavirus. This pandemic had hit us hard, so I had to try to make my products as affordable as possible to ease the pressure off small business owners. 
        At 21 Packaging, our goal is to provide small businesses with packaging solutions to showcase their unique brands! In the future, I plan to include customized packaging, but for now, I'm still learning about the packaging industry and I'm enjoying the journey. Happy Shopping!

21 Packaging Pink Product Box
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